Thatcher Services in Wiltshire

Using locally grown material from Pewsey and traditional methods, a professional standard of thatching work is undertaken on: houses/cottages (both old and new), extensions, garages, barns, children's play houses, gazebo's, wishing wells, finials (straw figures) to customers specifications and other such outbuildings and emergency call outs. Our work consists of long straw, combed wheat reed and water reed, and ranges from full thatches/re-thatches to ridges/re-ridges and repairs.

The customer is involved from start to finish and a realistic time frame is agreed, with the customer being well informed at all times. The customer's input is always valued and details such as the pattern of the ridge etc, allows the customer to add a personal touch.

Other issues such as vermin can be dealt with if necessary and scaffolding can be sourced on the customer's behalf if required. We undertake any woodwork necessary such as the replacement of rafters, and are happy to liase with other workmen on site.

We offer free no obligation surveys and quotes.